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Sales Without Selling? Yes!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Sales? Yuk. I don't like to sell or be sold. So I don't, but I still make sales.

When I split with my agent three years ago I was forced to face my fears and sell myself to meeting planners. However, what made me move away from my agent was she was way too pushy and it put people off—so I went the other way.

I decided to take the word "sell" out of selling and replace it with words like: "giving", "teaching", "helping", "connecting", and "supporting". The shift from selling to sharing and caring takes time, but in the end it's about creating win / win outcomes where everyone benefits.

For anyone who is afraid of selling just replace the word "sell" with words where it's not about you trying to make someone buy something, but instead it's about you doing something positive for them. It's much easier to pick up the phone or send an e-mail when you're simply looking for ways to help others.

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