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The best way to move forward is to help others move forward. It feels better to ask for and accept money / payment / work when we give others value for that money, and it meets their needs and helps them in some way. It’s even better when the results they receive are tangible. Then it’s easier to ask for an endorsement or a referral after the fact. When we know we are the best (or very good at what we do) and it’s something people need, need now (it’s timely and beneficial), and they are willing to pay for (and our price is in line with what’s expected) they will start to come to us with offers. Add to that we can talk about our experience, show proof (testimonials, awards, samples) and have a tangible track record it’s also easier to promote and sell. If we are the only ones (or one of a few) who do what we do and we do it in a unique way we will also attract people to our products and services. This may mean what we offer appeals to a small segment of the market, but when we go narrow and deep with demographics it simplifies things and simplicity makes it easier to market. We can now know exactly how to put ourselves in the path of people who we know well—and who we know what they need and read.

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