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Paycheck to Paycheck

Some people will never be wealthy. It’s in the way they think. That’s not to say our thoughts can’t be altered—they can . . . and so can our financial fate. Stinkin‘ thinkin‘ about money can be replaced with these thoughts and actions:

• It’s never too late to start making better financial decisions and to start saving—even if it’s just the change from your pocket or purse. Making it automatic is a good way to start. 

• It’s okay to passionately want to make (and keep) more money. Embrace that desire. Do it legally and ethically, but make earning more money your main priority (after faith, family, and friends). 

• Use money to make more money. Many wealthy people are entrepreneurs. They invest in themselves with the belief it will pay off. They invest in things that appreciate. Buying things that instantly depreciate is not something a wealth-minded person would do.


Other things wealthy individuals do that anyone can do include: Read, learn, and set goals. 

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