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My How Things Have Changed

On New Year’s Eve my block experienced a power outage and it was like going back in time . . . with a twist. We lit dozens of candles, played board games, and watched a movie on a laptop.

What occurred to me is how much things have changed in the past few years. For example, I had to use an external DVD drive because my laptop doesn’t have one—and why would it, we never use them anymore. On the plus side, battery life on my MacBook Pro (and other devices) are so much better than before.

When we look around to observe and analyze how things are versus how they used to be, it’s obvious we are in a big shift. For example, many of us diehard NFL fans on a Sunday don’t watch the network games. Instead, we watch NFL Red Zone which flits from game to game depending on where a team is on the field. It’s not good or bad, just different. A lot of us also watch our favorite TV shows on demand instead of live.

Printed newspapers now seem so archaic compared to reading the news on a phone or tablet. Board games also seem a little “flat” compared to video games. At times many of us sti