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More Than a Movie

So what if the movies we love more than all others aren’t Oscar-worthy or even cult classics. We like what we like. For example, when “Field of Dreams” comes on I’ll sit and watch it even though I’ve seen it a hundred times. I decided to see what all of my favorite movies had in common. I was surprised to find there is a theme running through them and some lessons to be learned.



Back To The Future

I’m going to assume everyone has seen this film or knows what it’s about. What I realized attracted me to this movie is that events and decisions in our younger years can change the trajectory of our lives. Marty’s father faces his bully and instead of being a “failure” later in life becomes a best-selling author. Clearly, this resonated with me. The decisions we make today do determine our future.



North Shore

Here’s an obscure film that most readers have probably not seen. Rick, a land-locked surfer wins a surf contest in an Arizona wave pool with the prize being a trip to the North Shore of Oahu. The character learns how to really surf as well as other valuable life lessons from Chandler, an older and wiser local surfer and shaper. Having a mentor is invaluable when we’re open to learning.