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Money Saved is Money Earned

Inflation. Just the mere mention of the word makes us shake our heads, which is why now seems like a good time to share some clever ways to cut costs.

1. Start a savings log in your phone to track and challenge yourself to find deals and cut costs. 2. There are apps to find and cut outdated subscriptions, or you can do it manually.

3. The best things in life are free is not just a fancy sign for the wall, it’s a fact.

4. Places like Michael’s always offer coupons you can access online and use in store. 5. Sign up for frequent-user apps from retailers and restaurants that reward you with free stuff.

6. Paying with cash makes you more aware of the price of things and encourages cost cutting.

7. Renting (or borrowing) tools you temporarily need or leasing expensive equipment saves.

8. Call and ask for a break or a better deal from your cable or cell phone provider. 9. Breaking a bad habit can save thousands over time.

10. Little things like turning the lights off, grouping errands together, eating less red meat, returning or regifting things you never used or needed, fixing things yourself, eating in more, and drinking black coffee instead of ordering a latte adds up over time. Send me any ideas you have that I missed. I’m creating a cost-cutting infographic and all ideas are welcomed.

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