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March to the Beat of Your Own Drummer

Amazingly, I still get royalty checks from some of my older books, and occasionally a letter or two from readers. (Apparently my books are popular in prisons because I get more than a few nice notes from inmates.) I digress.

The common theme of the fan mail from my Random House series of books for creative people is the fact that I was able to make readers feel like it was perfectly normal to pile papers, flit from task to task, and actually relish a little chaos—because it’s normal if your are a right-brain thinker.

If we could / would just be allowed to focus on our strengths and natural tendencies, be true to who we really are, and not care what is normal or what others think, we could do amazing things. I’m finding as I get older I am more inclined to do it “my way” and not worry so much what other people think. It’s quite freeing.

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