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Life in the Fast Lane: Get Ahead Quicker

Sometimes age-old advice isn’t always right or relevant. Add that to the speed at which things happen these days and there is an opportunity for some people to rise to fame, fortune, or business and professional success in record time instead of having to wait years for it to happen. But how? 1. Be the Best / Be Unique When you do something better than everyone and/or you are one of the only ones to do it, people will pay you more and promote you faster. 2. Know the Person Who Knows Everyone It takes a long time to get to know important people in your field. However, if you meet and win over the one person who knows everyone it saves time as you climb the ladder. 3. Goals or Ask For What You Want The people who reach their goals have goals that are specific and they are so confident in they are willing to ask for what they want and accept help when needed.

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