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With two new movies this year about performers who captivated their audiences (Bob Marley and Amy Winehouse) we can take away a few tips from the traits these two have in common. It’s worth noting that both artists were small in stature (Bob Marley stood 5-6 and Amy Winehouse was 5-3) but both seemed larger than life on stage. They commanded the stage, made big gestures (especially Marley) and moved around. (Both also had big hair, but that's a life choice...) Amy Winehouse and Bob Marley famously wrote their own songs, and it showed. They were passionate, believable, loud, and confident—they knew their songs inside and out, because they lived them. They were authentic in every way, and that's something AI will never (hopefully) replicate.. Lastly, they both connected with their audiences in a way that the best performers do by making them feel like a part of the show, making it personal, and giving them everything you have to give. Lee's new company, Sidekick helps people prepare and deliver stellar presentations every time. 858-735-4533

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