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I Like To Move It

They say a body in motion stays in motion. The other side to that theory is that laziness leads to more laziness and lounging around.

Do Anything to Start. Tim Ferris says that starting the day by making his bed means he starts the day with a win. Jessica Alba starts her day with a workout with friends and will occasionally sleep in her workout wear to be ready to go when she first wakes up. John Grisham leaves off at a point in his writing that is easy to pick up and run with the next day.

Don’t stop when on a roll. Getting going is like a locomotive getting up to speed. The last thing we would want to do is stop a train once it has a head of steam. We’re much better when we are in the zone and focused on one thing for more than just a few minutes. Create barriers to distractions to prevent them from pulling you off track.

Push past fatigue. When I play tennis and my opponent wants to take break between sets I find it gives him the advantage. When I stop to rest I really start to feel the fatigue. I believe that when we are tired and we give in to our weariness we are done. If we can push past it and finish first we are better off.

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