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Reading. It’s something many of us gave up in recent years. I’m thrilled that its come back as we find ourselves with the time to do it. Here’s are a list of things that are thriving due to what’s happening.   

  • Cooking at home has made a comeback, and so have the kitchen supplies needed.

  • Organizing supplies. We are cleaning out our closets and garages . . . finally.

  • Video conferencing apps along with related office equipment / furniture are hot.

  • Home improvement projects and gardening are things getting done.

  • Exercise equipment and gear sales are booming. So are bicycles. 

  • Cooking at home has made a comeback and so have the kitchen supplies needed.

  • Games. Pool and ping pong tables are selling out. Board games are also popular.

  • Books are back in a big way—which is great news for me.

What have you noticed is suddenly something that’s become popular again? Crafting? Baking? Running? Auto repair? I’m interested:

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