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Get Your Head In The Game

This seems so obvious, but I feel the need to say it anyway. No matter what is happening in our life, if we don’t have our heads on straight our physical world will always be off.

Again, obvious, but what we decide to do or not do starts in our head. How we feel (good or bad) begins in the brain. What we think about things is our reality.

I know a guy who is rich beyond belief but for whatever reason thinks and acts like he’s broke. I know we should live below our means, but he could do things most of us dream about with his kind of wealth. Instead, he acts like he needs to earn and save every dollar possible. In his mind he’s poor and in his life he buys his clothes from a thrift shop.

Sometimes books that show us ways to change our thoughts, promote the power of positivity, and give us good ideas about how to manifest things with our minds get a bad rap and are seen as hocus pocus—or worse. Self-help is ranked somewhere between selling time shares and used cars by some people. That’s too bad.

Some of the best books I ever read and changed my life were self-help titles because they made me think about the way I think and taught me to think differently. I listed the best books I’ve ever read on my website. I’d love to hear what you’ve read that I missed.

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