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Fear Of What Others Will Think

What Would You Do If Nobody Cared?

Social media allows us to paint ourself in the best light. To show the world what we want them to see. To create an illusion (a delusion) of what our life is like. The problem with this is we begin to wonder what’s wrong with us? Why don’t we have a perfect life, too?


Fake it till you make is advice I’ve heard and heeded. (Act as if I am the person I want to be.) It works, but the word “fake” is still in the sentence. What if we were real? To ourselves, and to a certain extend, others? Would it be so bad if people knew we struggle with the same things they do?

Also, if we weren’t so worried what others would think, would we not be so afraid of failure and go for it? Would we be more willing to do what makes us happy, even if others disapproved? Would we feel better about our lives by not comparing ourselves to others?

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