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Eat and Drink Differently

When our friend converted the parking lot of her bar into a dining experience under the stars, we were there to support her—and so was the local community. The Covid crisis has made us more creative as business owners, and in many cases has brought out the best in people. Here are some examples of how savvy restauranteurs and bar owners have adapted to stay afloat.

Menus—QR technology to do a digital menu that appears on your smart phone has been around, but almost nobody used it. Now, it's quite common and people have adapted.

Meals—In addition to sitting down for a meal, many eateries offer dining options they never thought they would. There are all kinds of new takeout options, meal kits, heat and eat options, less expensive dishes, packages and pairings with food and wine.

More—As in more ways to serve the customers. Pop up patio dining, outdoor dining, takeout windows, making a restaurant into a market filled with fresh produce and supplies, and partnerships between bars and caterers are new ideas.