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A Brand New Me

I wasn’t sure when I would mention this, but I think now is the time. Over the summer I decided enough is enough as I ballooned to almost 300 pounds. On August 19, 2021, I began a journey to lose 100 pounds and I did it with one small step—I literally took one step and began walking for 30 minutes a day. Since then I have lost over 60 pounds. Here’s how I did it. I first tracked my calorie intake and then started cutting it down. I went from eating 7,500 calories a day to under 2,000 a day—and no bread, pasta, sweets, or alcohol for the past six months. After making long walks a part of my daily routine, I used the money I saved from not dining out and drinking to join a gym. I discovered that I don’t enjoy drinking water, but I love sparkling water . . . I now drink a lot of carbonated water.

So there it is, eat less, drink more water, and exercise every day. It’s that simple, and it isn’t. I have found that if I slip up, I don’t let it spiral out of control. One bad choice doesn’t lead to another. I have also found that tracking everything I eat is tedious, but super important. Lastly, I miss pizza and ice cream, but I have learned to love healthy food. Okay, “love” is a strong word, but I like salads and burgers without buns are still pretty good.

(Below are my goals for 2022. Losing weight is my #1 goal and after losing 55 pounds from August to January I have 45 pounds to reach my ultimate goal of 100 pounds lost. Doing it the right means I should weigh 197 by summer of this year.)

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