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A beachside town, a book, booze, and a bird —only one of these can save Livingston from himself. 


Livingston Taylor had it all planned out. First he’d rent a cheap bungalow by the beach to finish writing his final book . . . while drinking himself senseless. Then he’d finish it off by taking his own life.


With a wife and two sons back home who loved him, students who adored him, and a series of critically acclaimed books to his credit, why did he feel like a failure and want to end it all? After years of searching for meaning and purpose, this could be Livingston’s last chance to find it.


Will he see the signs and learn the valuable lessons presented to him, or will he simply take the easy way out? Not only will you discover how Livingston ended up in such a distressing state—and what he does about it—you’ll also likely learn something about yourself along the way. 



The Pelican

SKU: 0013
  • 181 Pages.

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