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The Grass May Be Greener—Because It's Fake Grass

It’s easy to fall in into the trap of seeing others on social media who (seemingly) have everything we want and make us feel feel like a loser. It’s natural.

However, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side . . . because sometimes it’s fake grass. Meaning, celebrities, lottery winners, your colleagues, and contemporaries may not be doing as well as you think.

If it’s our friends, we want to be happy for them, but if we are truly honest, we also wouldn’t mind seeing them slip a rung or three. Again, natural. 

As cliche’ as this sounds, we really have to appreciate what WE have and realize we may never be rich, famous, incredibly fit, and travel the world in a private jet, but maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. (I know, let me be the judge of that you say.)


All I know is, I travel a lot, have had some degree of fame (minor, at best), and have people praising me after my speeches, but the truth is, the travel (for the most part) is just a means to an end—I hate airports and crowded planes now.

I have an entire file drawer full of articles written about me, and “Meh”--they don’t pay the bills and the coolness of a piece in say, “Woman’s World” only lasts a short while.

As for profuse praise after a presentation, I really do appreciate the kind words, but in a way it’s a little uncomfortable. 

So there you go, love the one you’re with, enjoy the job you have, and dream about Paris, but know the French hate us and the service there stinks. 

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Shahan Akhter
Shahan Akhter
22 oct. 2020

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