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The Capsule Wardrobe

As I continue to lose weight (50 pounds since August) I’m starting to think about creating a whole new wardrobe when I eventually reach my goal weight (and size). I hadn’t heard about a “capsule wardrobe” until recently. In essence it’s an interchangeable set of wardrobe basics that can be mixed and matched to create dozens of different outfits.

I like that there are set outfits to choose from, which makes getting dressed quick, easy and less stressful. It makes shopping easier, too. If an item doesn’t “fit” Into the mix, it’s less likely to be an impulse purchase. We’ll also likely choose quality over quantity and timeless classics, which means our clothes last longer.

A capsule wardrobe also allows us to decide what our personal style and brand is. (Trust me, I need this because I’m all over the place now and none of it’s good.) This way of expressing ourselves allows us to have a “look” but also variations based on the weather or activity.

I think of it like a professional sports team. Some teams have more traditional uniforms that are timeless, while others are more fashion forward. They all have clear guidelines about the colors used, yet have different combinations and varieties for home and away games, as well as for special occasions and weather conditions.

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