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It's Not Too Late

It’s easy to get down on yourself for not having achieved everything you’d hoped to at this point in your life. A lot of people don’t reach their goals in their twenties (or thirties). If you feel like you’re not where you should be because you haven’t yet started your own business, made a million dollars, or landed your dream job, just read through this list of late bloomers.

Jon Hamm didn’t become a star until he was in his mid-thirties.

Vera Wang tried several careers before opening her first bridal boutique at the age of forty.

Bethenny Frankel was in her forties when she started building her Skinnygirl empire.

Julie Child’s first cookbook came out at age 39, and she made her television debut at age 51.

Charles Darwin was 50 years old before he published On the Origin of the Species in 1859

Bob Ross taught himself to paint after