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Gen Z

Generation Z has got a bad rap—just like every generation before them was labeled something less-than-positive by the people that came of age previously. Nobody can argue that each generation has had its challenges—economic collapse, political strife, inequality, division, corruption, unemployment, pandemics . . . wait, that’s this generation’s reality. That’s why I was so impressed by this year’s winners of San Diego’s “Remarkable Teens Award”. I want to highlight one of the two dozen recipients.


Amelie Simpson serves as President of the Rotary’s Interact club, a club seeking to perform community service. She started the Interact chapter at her school and organized the Australian exchange program. She is involved in the Fleet Science Center’s BE WiSE program, which promotes STEM learning experiences for young women. In 2019, Amelie attended a two-week technology camp at InnovaLab in Silicon Valley. Amelie is participating in The Digital Experiment, a virtual leadership and cross-cultural exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. She is also a contributor to Rambler, a local teen magazine, and recently launched Pen Pal Party, a program to help teens feel connected during times of social isolation. Amelie volunteers at local nonprofits. An accomplished two-sport athlete, Amelie is a starting midfielder on both her varsity field hockey and lacrosse teams. She is also a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and a member of the Valhalla Vocal Music’s Chamber Ensemble.

Wow! Impressive.

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