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Be Brave

I’m such a wimp. Why? Because I was afraid to let go of something (and someone) that was known, for the unknown--even though the known was known to be bad. Why is that? I think I know. 

I lacked the self-confidence to believe I could go it alone and things could and would be better than before if I made the change. I reached out to my mentors and they reminded me of me—that I was the person who already beat the odds in business by creating a career doing something I love and, according to them, was very good at it.


Not everyone has a support system to push them past what they think they can do so they can take a leap of faith. Or have people who will be there in case they fall. Or do they? Maybe like me, they're there, but we are afraid to ask for help until we have no choice. I’m here to tell you, I’m glad I reached out for guidance. 

I’m looking forward to turning the page on 2019, and starting a new chapter in 2020. The reason I’m sharing my trials and tribulations with you is because sometimes we see the year as a new start, but end up back to our old (comfortable) ways by March . . . or sooner. That’s why I’m pulling a “Cortez” and "burning the ships" so I have to sink or swim—my plan is to swim.