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Sometimes escaping can be the most dangerous thing to do.


All Kate Ramirez wanted to do was leave her lying, cheating, abusive husband behind and start a new life in a tropical paradise. But that’s not so easy to do when he’s a well-known pro baseball player being prosecuted for your murder and you unexpectedly become a best-selling author. Suddenly your new, quiet life in the tropics gets very complicated—and extremely dangerous.


Does Kate return to California to bask in the glory of her newfound fame—and free her husband who beat her to within an inch of her life? Or, does she remain in hiding on a remote island living simply and happily and let justice take its course? That decision may not be Kate’s to make when a series of events forces the issue as this story races to a surprising conclusion.



Runaway Best Seller

SKU: 0015
  • 305 Pages

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