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They say some people have all the fun—Sunshine Blake was one of those people.


When Sunshine was a teenager she made a promise to herself to see the world and live a glamorous life, nobody believed she could do it. Why would they? She was abused and abandoned by her parents and shuffled from foster home to foster home in the poorest part of the country. 


Yet Sunshine accomplished everything she set out to do—and then some. She traveled the world, succeeded in real estate, founded a cosmetics company, hung out with Hollywood’s elite, married in Morocco (and later escaped), appeared on television, sang on a country record, lived and explored Europe in a camper van, ran a resort in Fiji, and raised two sons as a single mom.


Sunshine’s extraordinary life was a wild and exciting ride with twists and turns, ups and downs, and adventures all over the globe. She lived, she loved, she succeeded, and she failed. Her amazing story holds clues to how we can all live a full life with no regrets, no excuses, and no worries. Sunshine’s incredible life story can change yours.




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