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Custom Keynote Speeches

Lee's custom presentations exceed expectations in every way, every time. He also helps others do the same.

Lee Silber Videos

Lee Silber Videos

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It's taken years and thousands of presentations but Lee has found the perfect blend of audience activities, memorable messages, and humor for a string of standing ovations. 

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Planner Pads, Mini Books, Infographics, and Tip Sheets

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Slide and Book Design, Speech and Ghost Writing  

Presentation Training

We will help you write, design, and deliver your speech like a pro with instruction, support, rehearsals, and reviews.

Presentation Instruction • Content Creation • Slide Design • Media Training 

Take advantage of Lee Silber's 33 years of experience as a professional speaker to speak like a pro yourself.

Mia Righetti praises Lee Silber's customization of his presentations.

I appreciated the time and energy Lee put into getting to know our group and creating content that spoke to them.



Keynote Speaking

Silber is at the top of his game as a speaker and his string of standing ovations in a row this year isn't fluke. He makes people laugh, involves them in fun ways, and leaves attendees with a powerful and memorable message.

Keynotes • Breakouts • Webinars • In-Services • Workshops

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We work with large corporations, small companies, non-profits, trade associations—and people at all levels.

3M • Aetna • Boeing • CMAA • CUNA • eBay • GE • HP • LAUSD Marriott • Northrup • P&G • Qualcomm Roche • SHRM • San Diego Padres • Sempra • Wastecon

Lee Silber's long list of clients includes both big and small companies and associations.
Runaway Best Seller by Lee Silber
The Homeless Hero by Lee Silber
Sunshine, a novel by Lee Silber
The Splendid Splinter by Lee Silber
The Pelican by Lee Silber
Jimmy and The Kid by Lee Silber

New Novel

It's hard to believe Harper's Bay is my 26th book and seventh novel. It is brand new and I would be so honored if you would go to Amazon and check it out—or better yet, put it in your cart and check out. The button below will take you there. —LEE SILBER

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