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A Collaborative System to Solve Workplace Problems, Improve Efficiency, and Boost Your Bottom Line


Imagine a workplace where employees didn’t complain about problems but instead worked together in idea-generating clubs to present only positive solutions. The Wild Idea Club provides just such a systematic, step-by-step approach—that can be easily implemented by managers who seek to harness the collective genius of their people to drive innovation, improve efficiency, increase morale, and see success in every area this powerful problem-solving principle is applied.


In times like these—with morale at an all-time low and managers facing increasing pressure to get more done—encouraging employees to work together to tackle tough issues on their own is not a luxury, but a survival tool. The result is an improved work environment (and increased employee retention), an energized and engaged workforce, and best of all, the improvements are made in any area that needs it. In many progressive companies such as Toyota, Southwest Airlines, craigslist, YouTube, Apple, and others, the most-important innovations come out of small groups—which account for a large percentage of the profits.


When people start seeing possibilities instead of problems—and can present their solutions to decision-makers who care—something amazing happens: They find themselves actually working together toward a common goal that benefits everyone and their organization. 


* The Wild Idea Club is written in a loose and light style that any reader can enjoy and finish in only a few sittings. Each chapter presents one facet of the concept, illustrated through a story based on real-life examples of Wild Idea Clubs in action, easily guiding the readers through exactly what’s needed to create a Wild Idea Club in their companies.

The Wild Idea Club

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