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Why Am I Here?

I’m reading, “The Cafe on the Edge of the World,” a book recommended by Michelle Mitchell, a reader of this newsletter. It’s an easy, breezy book because it’s a parable with a relevant (and important) message. Early in the story the main character is faced with this question: “Why am I here?” I put the book down and spent some time pondering that. Why am I here? After some soul searching I came up with an answer. I’m here to help my kids through their teen years and prepare them for life as adults, love them unconditionally, and model the best behavior. I admit that sounds trite. However, our reason for being has the power to change everything. They say a budget and spending is a true reflection of what we value most. The same is true of our things-to-do list. We can say we value this or that, but our actions and priorities prove or disprove it. We spend a lot of time and energy on things that just aren’t that important. I know I did. For me, my answer makes me want to be a better person and do things differently. It makes saying, “No” to negative, destructive, and counterproductive things so much easier. Here’s more about the book:

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