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When Life Gives You Limes, Make Margaritas—Missing Jimmy Buffett

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

I first became a Jimmy Buffett fan in 1977. I know, a long time ago. My neighbor's mom played Buffett incessantly (in the car, by the pool, during dinner) and at first I didn't get it. (This was 1975.) The more I listened to Jimmy Buffett the more I was drawn in. Fast forward to the 1990s and I was a devout Parrot Head and was able to meet Jimmy Buffett twice and attended every concert for dozen of years in a row. Then, I started giving a presentation called, "What Would Jimmy Buffett Do?" and it was a hit. I just gave this speech earlier this year and afterward I loved people saying, they didn't know this or that about his life.

When he passed suddenly at age 76, it hit me hard. It felt like I lost a close friend. I will continue to give my popular presentation based on Buffett but it won't be the same. I also included Jimmy in my mini book, "Small Men Who Made it Big" which you can read for free:

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