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True or False? You Tell Me

If we say it enough it will be true, right? Ha. That’s a trick question. It will seem true, but if it’s false, it’s false. Try these “truths” on for size. (True or False?)

1. Napoleon was under five feet tall which is why we say short people have a “Napoleon Complex.” 

2. Twinkies don’t last forever and taste best less than a month after being on a shelf. 

3. People who look up and to the right when answering a question are often lying.

4. Penguins are monogamous and have committed and mate for life. 5. We tend to eat (on average) between three and five spiders a year while we sleep.


1. It’s true, that’s where the expression comes from, but Napoleon was 5’-7” tall, which in his time was average height.

2. True. Twinkies may last forever, but they have an expiration date stamped on them, and it’s not ten years in the future.

3. While people looking up and to the right are accessing their creative brain, there is no proof they are lying. Making up a story, maybe. Lying, not necessarily. So, false. 

4. Penguins stay together for one season, but hook up with a new partner the following season. 

5. False. It’s unlikely we even eat one spider a year while asleep—but occasionally it feels like it.

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