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Time and Place

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Let’s go back in time and around the world to see things from a different perspective for insights into what we all have in common, how history repeats itself, and how we can use these insights.

What are Australians upset about concerned with in 2022? As someone who lives on the other side of the world, it’s interesting to see that we share many of the same concerns.. • Aussies, like Americans are feeling the financial pressure of higher prices and inflation.

• Australia took a tougher approach to try and control Covid than other countries in the Western world, but the virus is still a problem.

• Human rights is a huge hot button in the United States right now and on the other side of the globe refugees and asylum seekers, indigenous people, the elderly, and the disabled are all fighting for their rights. • Historically heavy or hot weather is a problem in Australia and other places in the world. No matter where we are in the world it seems we all want the same things. My take, we all would like a level playing field and fairness so everyone has a chance to achieve great things if they do the work. We all crave security—which includes physical safety, financial freedom, and a sense that we can live our lives without the fear of something horrible happening. Clearly, health, happiness, and hope for the future are important to everyone. We all want to protect, nurture, and help our children learn and grow. People want to be paid well for doing work they enjoy and are suited for—and get some time off to enjoy life. BUT, more than anything else what everyone, everywhere, and at any time (now or fifty years ago) wants is love. It’s the timeless and universal thing that bonds us all. What was happening fifty years ago in 1972? In 1972, Richard Nixon was President and the Watergate break-in and ensuing scandal were front and center in the news. Mass shootings and gun violence was a thing as 11 Israeli athletes were killed at the summer Olympics by terrorists. The US Supreme Court had a controversial ruling making the death penalty unconstitutional. Unemployment was low but gas prices, interest rates, and inflation was rising. This all feels strangely familiar. Just for fun, in 1972 the A’s beat the Reds in the World Series and Dallas defeated the Dolphins to win the Super Bowl. Women dominate the Grammy’s (Carole King and Carly Simon in particular) and The Godfather was the top film. Atari introduced the first video game (Pong) and the first compact disc was developed. Maybe most important of all, Prozac was released. Lastly, in 1972 the median family income was $10,290—today it’s $98,664, which is good since a new house went from $27,600 to $348,079 and rent increased from $165 a month to $1,326 over the last 50 years. Here’s a few more price comparisons: New cars ($3,853 / $47,148) Movie tickets ($1.75 / $9.17) Yearly tuition to Harvard ( $2,800 / $52,659).

What can we surmise? Obviously, history can and does repeat itself. As much as we may feel we are moving forward, some things stay the same. Sports teams go through ups and downs (both the A’s and Red’s aren’t competitive in 2022). It’s interesting how we can become conditioned to higher prices because (usually) it’s a slow and incremental climb.

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