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The "Maine" Thing

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

If you will recall there was a lockdown in Lewiston, Maine after a mass shooting took place there.I was there. It freaked everyone out and we were told to stay inside. Of course I left my hotel and headed for the waterfront. If you've never been to Portland, Maine, it's just as you probably picture it. For the effect I went to a diner on the wharf for lunch and sat at the counter. I thought about ordering something with lobster in it (a Maine staple) but ordered a stuffed pepper—the last one. A couple walked in and sat down a few stools down from me after I ordered. I heard them ask for a stuffed pepper and the waitress tell them they just sold the last one. she took their order (sans the peppper) and I waved the waitress over on her way to the kitchen.

"Cut my stuffed pepper in half and split it with the nearby couple," I said. The waitress replied, "That's why I like to work the counter, you meet the nicest people." When the half order arrived the couple was thrilled, and I felt pretty good about myself. Since that day I started to find a way to get that same feeling with the goal of doing something daily that makes another person's day. I urge you to do the same. It's usually a small thing, but it's a big boost to my mood.

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