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More Free Time

When we find faster ways to do the things we have to do we can free up more time for some of the things we want to do—but can’t seem to find the time. Here’s some tips for doing two things most of us (all of us?) have to do and how to do them quicker.

1. LAUNDRY Some people feel that doing a load of laundry everyday keeps the task from being overwhelming, but never completely finished. Or, if we pick a day to do it all we can use that time while the laundry is washing or drying to read, relax (nap), workout, or watch a show. What almost everyone agrees on is investing in a divided hamper, creating a “wash now” bin for sports uniforms or work clothes, and folding clothes when they come out of the dryer. 2. DUSTING Assuming your ducts have been cleaned in the past few years (a source of dust) here are three tips for dusting better and faster. Microfiber clothes are better than cotton, and microfiber dusting gloves are the best. For base boards and hard-to-reach corners, use a vacuum with extending attachments or a hair dryer (or a can of compressed air) to blow the dust off. Lastly, a bendable dusting tool is so handy and better than a feather duster.

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