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Creatures of Habit

There’s quite a few books that have come out lately about forming new habits—good habits. It doesn’t seem like we’d need a book to tell us what we probably already know—if we do something new (and better) for more than a few times in a row over a few days we begin to form new habit. If we keep it going for a few weeks, it becomes second nature and we don’t have to force it or even think about it, we just do it. For me, forming a new habit works best if I make it simple, quick, and easy. I wanted to start brushing my teeth more often so I put toothpaste and toothbrushes on every floor of my house. It worked, I brush a lot more. Also, I vowed to drink more water so I stocked my car with bottled water, carry around a water bottle, filled the fridge with sparkling water (my favorite), and order water instead of soda when eating out. New habit, new and improved health.

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