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Readers Rule

I have a book exchange going with a retired contractor who helps me maintain and fix things at the baseball fields. Ron reads at least a book a day. What’s impressive is his knowledge of everything—he’s a walking encyclopedia.

They say the most successful and smartest people are avid readers. I worry that we (me included) don’t read enough. It’s true that some things are easier to learn by watching a video. I reluctantly agree. I also think audio books, podcasts, and Google searches are great. But books, man, books are the best. They can provide an escape, and where movies and shows are more passive, a reader is actively filling in the blanks while reading—and actively learning.

This is the point where you probably thought I was going to try and sell you one of my books. Not. I just want to challenge all of us to read more. (You are reading this newsletter, so that’s a win right there.) I’m working on reading one book a week. How about you?

What are you reading now?

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