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An Annual Checkup For Your Life

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

How do you feel? Many doctors ask this question during your annual physical exam. We usually answer we're fine except for this or that ache or pain.

What if you went to a life doctor who asked you how you feel about your finances, your family, level of fitness, or your career? What would you say?

Let's take a look at the areas of our lives and assess how we feel about each. We'll run through a few of the most common areas we all share and then we can add on anything that may be missing.

My career / job / business and where's it's trending? My health and fitness? My family? My friends? My home / where I live? My finances? Now keep going. Go through every aspect you can think of and assess how well you're doing. The goal isn't to feel bad about things that aren't going great, it's to celebrate the things that are—and then look for ways to improve the other areas.

When I went through this exercise it was a wake-up call. Yes, I am grateful for all of the good things I have in my life, but I also felt a twinge of pain for each of the areas I need to improve. My approach will be to chip away at each area I need to do better because wide sweeping changes usually don't last—small ones do.

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