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Do you like to pile your papers? Are you easily distracted? Do others constantly reprimand and ridicule your unorthodox ways? Then this is for you. Take advantage of these free tools designed for right-brain thinkers living and working in a left-brain world.

little red arrowPile, Don't File (Bonus Booklet)
If You Prefer to Pile Your Papers, Then These Free Booklets Are For You
Oh no, more paper. Don't worry, these digital books offer right-brain ideas about how to handle all kinds of clutter—including paper. Request your two free booklets below.

little red arrowGet Organized
Show and Tell Organzing
Most people practice zen organizing—that's when you think about straightening up, but don't do it. This free sample book shows you visually (with pictures) easy ways to organize.


It's been a few years since my popular book on organizing for creative people cam out, but it's still s strong seller because there are a lot of us out there who want and need right-brain strategies to store our stuff.

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